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Who is this Hooligan?

Eric Schuelke, better known around the track as Shakes, a Milwaukee native that has always admired motorcycles throughout his life.  Having spent most of his early 2 wheeled career riding around the Wisconsin countryside getting lost in the beauty of it all, he has since found a new passion, taking those same two-wheeled machines out onto the flat track and competing. The dream of racing dirt flat track started back in Milwaukee when attending Harley Davidson's 115th-anniversary party.  There, spectators watched the "Hooligans" race in the sand at Bradford Beach.  Having little knowledge of the sport, but a passion to want to go fast, he took to learning and soaking up as much information as he possibly could.  Over the coming winter months, he spent those cold Wisconsin nights in his garage tooling away learning and building his very first Harley Davidson Hooligan flat tracker.
The bike he created, fittingly nicknamed 'Maverick', made its first track debut on May 3rd, 2019, down in Maryville, Tennessee for Flat Out Friday’s GNHC season opener at the great Smokey Mountain Speedway. 
You can catch Shakes and his hooligan Maverick out there banging bars with the best of them this season at the GNHC and AMA district flat track racing series. 


Valued Supporters


Super excited to pair with one of the premier Harley Davidson dealerships around.  Their knowledgable and professional staff are top-notch and a perfect complement to our racing team.  If you're looking for a great bike and un-paralleled service, look no further!


Thank you to my sponsor, Northern Tide Tattoo, for their committed support and taking a chance on this rookie flat tracker in his first season. I’m so fortunate to be involved with such a talented group of artists. Check out their website to learn more.


ABATE of Wisconsin is our freedom of the roads fighters when it comes to riding 2 wheels.  A grassroots motorcycle rights organization that lobbies for the inclusion and voice for motorcyclist rights at a state and federal level, along with motorcycle awareness campaigns and safety classes.  If you're riding on 2 wheels ABATE needs your help.  To find out how, visit their website. 

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